Get Messy Art Journal || 06

 I missed last week.. :(

School has been taking up a lot of my making time and it's very frustrating. Thankfully, I was able to get back on the #getmessy boat and came out with these two pages that I really like.

 This page just started out as a doodle while I was watching some TV. I just used a fine tip Sharpie and an Expo marker. I finished it off with some Studio Calico stickers that I love. I had a hard time letting them go... thankfully I have another set. #hoarderproblems

 I am in love with this page. It was inspired by Ed Sheeran's new single Thinking Out Loud. The video for it dropped on Tuesday. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you drop everything you're doing right this second and watch it because it's beautiful. Here. I'll make your life easier and give you the link.

Get Messy Art Journal || 05

 This week was tough.

Get Messy Art Journal

Let's get started!

Get Messy Art Journal || 03

Featuring lots of paint and more song lyrics (no one is surprised).

Get Messy Art Journal || 02

I present to you week 2 of my #getmessyartjournal!

Get Messy Art Journal || 01

Today, I'm excited to share my first pages for my Get Messy Art Journal!

PL Summer 2014: Outer Banks

Warning: The following post is fairly image heavy. Proceed with caution.

One Direction - MetLife Stadium - Night 2

Here are some shots of our second day seeing One Direction at MetLife stadium! It was awesome. These tickets were actually purchased when they went on general sale back in November, so there was no stressing during the day. All we had to do was get there.

The day before, we weren't able to take any pictures with the stadium since we were running late. I love this time before a concert. Just seeing all those people who you share a common interest with is indescribable. You can seriously feel the excitement buzzing in the air.

Zara joined us on this night! Which was wonderful. Also quite notable, we enjoyed our first adult beverages at a concert together. And by adult beverages, we obviously mean diet soda. Duh.

I actually got some pictures of 5SOS (from the screen). Their whole set was great. Yes, we shamelessly danced and sang. Loudly. Some too-cool-for-school 15 year olds probably stared. Sorry not sorry.

Our view was two sections and eleven rows closer. Yay!

Some more stage and fireworks shots. So good. The production aspect of the show was fantastic.

Can you tell Niall is my favorite? No? Oh. Okay.

Yay for lots of fireworks and lots of screaming girls and lots of cute boys and a generally wonderful evening. Boy bands, ftw.

One Direction. Night One. Yes.

So this is the story of how my sister and I saw One Direction for $25 dollars.

Project Life: Summer Cover