PL Summer 2014: Outer Banks

Warning: The following post is fairly image heavy. Proceed with caution.

Thank you for joining me on this image dump of PL layouts for a vacation I took with my friend and her family back in May!

I usually don't do two 12x12 pages for one layout, but this first one documented our initial arrival at OBX. I ended up with a ton of pictures and I couldn't choose which ones I wanted - it was like choosing children. So I just threw them all in there. I've fallen in love with doilies in a way I never though I would. They make great accents especially when I'm lazy and don't want to type up too much journaling.

I struggled a bit with this spread and I can still say in retrospect that it's not one of my favorites. And honestly the only thing bothering me is the first pocket in the second row. It's just so.. naked. But I don't care enough to go back and fix it (yay laziness). But I really liked the way that last journaling card came out.

This one was another hard one (it seems I struggled a lot more on these spreads than I thought..). I think it was all the purple. Still don't understand the negative stigma with purple in the scrapbooking world but I just can't seem to shake it. Thankfully, I found a way to use that really cute days of the week card. Again, keeping it simple and quick.

This is one of my favorites from the OBX spreads I put together. Probably because of the colors. Also, that SC card with those summery phrases? Made for me. Basically. Apparently, I also have a thing for arrows.

I really just wanted to breeze through these as I made them, I think. Or I was just on a minimalistic kick. Or I was just lazy. I'm not sure. But here's another with minimal embellishing. I think woodgrain goes great with everything. Especially beach photos.

One of my favorite things to do, which you might know if you follow me on Instagram, is that I love incorporating song lyrics and poetry in my spreads. I'm not a big fan of journaling mostly because I'll have all this great stuff in my head at some point and then end up blanking when I get to my desk. So I stick with other people's words because, aside from paper and stuff, I have a major affinity for words. I love words. So there are lots of words that aren't mine in my spreads.

The last OBX spread :( Another simple one and more woodgrain! Do you see the pattern? I'm lazy and like woodgrain, basically. Also, do you see that strip of black across the last pocket? Yeah, that's a piece of my hair that I didn't realize was there until I had already put everything away. Yup. Gross.

Supplies: Studio Calico Camelot PL Kit, Studio Calico Hello, Hello PL Kit, Studio Calico Penny Arcade PL Kit