One Direction. Night One. Yes.

So this is the story of how my sister and I saw One Direction for $25 dollars.
Let me preface this by saying if anyone knows me at all - even a little bit - it is common knowledge that I have a history of boyband love. It started when I was maybe 9 or 10 and Dream Street (I knew Jesse McCartney would be the most successful on his own. My baby.) and continued with the Jonas Brothers in the 8th grade (I've seen them 11 times and met them 4 times so yeah. That was a thing.) and escalated to One Direction..when I was freshman in college.

We'd purchased tickets for their MetLife Stadium show in December but we knew they were playing a show the day before at the same place. I ended up stalking StubHub all day - a site a usually despise for purchasing tickets when they go on sale and then shamelessly reselling them at elevated prices. But on the day of, tickets were getting dirt cheap. Like, seriously. At 6:45, we ended up grabbing a pair of tickets in the lower level for $25 each. Let me repeat: $25 EACH. Listen, we paid upwards of $100 for each ticket at face value. These were basically free.

Thankfully, we live close enough to the stadium that we made it there in the middle of the opener's (5 Seconds of Summer of She Looks So Perfect fame) set, which was fine since we were going to be seeing them again tomorrow.

Something that was definitely worth noting was how massive the place was. And I mean massive. There was so many people, it was hard to believe. I also felt a swell of pride because wow One Direction was playing the same place where the Super Bowl happened. Yeah. Crazy stuff.

 5SOS was wonderful. I saw them last year when I saw 1D at the IZOD center but I didn't care much for them then. But they were awesome, had great energy, and the crowd loved them. Good times. She Looks So Perfect is a jam.
And now for the boys. As usual they were perfect and I screamed so hard I thought my lungs were gonna fail me. The set was longer than I was expecting, which is always nice. The whole time I kept reminding myself that I was gonna see the all again tomorrow. That made it even more exciting.
 While our lower level seats were quite good given the price and size of the venue, my awesome zoom was not getting up close and personal with Niall's face. So I settled for shots of the super big screens. I am completely content.

One Direction never fails with their show production. The fireworks were a nice touch. And by nice touch I mean I LOVE FIREWORKS. Seriously. Love them.

And that concludes night one! If you ever want concert tickets but fail to grab them when they go on sale to the general public, I would definitely recommend waiting it out on StubHub if distance and your transportation options permit. We saved about $200 by doing this.

And that's that! Stay tuned for the night 2!